Jessie Arlen, better known as iDA HAWK, exposes vulnerability and sympathy on her latest single “Start Again.” The NY-based songstress returns with her own voice after numerous collaborations with GRiZ and Big Wild and exposes a different, wistful side with a wide vocal range.

Simply explained as a “pure reflection” of Arlen’s heart, “Start Again” taunts this notion through a simplistic structure. Heartfelt confessions come to play, “You wanna lie next to me without her, until the dawn / and I’ve known the window inside your soul”, while the keys’ tone intensifies against Arlen’s passionate vocals. The track carries a relatable trait that every listener may connect towards, right to the bittersweet core of “Start Again.” Neil Artwick, who wonderfully assists on the piano, doesn’t take away from Arlen’s presence, but adds the youthful charm to the track that Arlene slowly peels through heavy lyricism.

Intimate and genuinely beautiful, iDA HAWK’s performance on “Start Again” wraps this hopeful youth with realistic growth from start to finish.


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