Sketching a soundscape of synth-rock and charged waves, Scottish-based artist ONR delivers a profound standpoint of time – past, present, and future – on his sophomore single “5 Years Time.” The progressive rock influenced track casually caresses the multi-layered electronic delivery that carries ONR’s shaded lyricism and haunting hook, “Let’s see where we lie”, into tangible thoughts.

Lyrically, this is one the darkest songs I have,” ONR explains. “I was really trying to promote two ideas: firstly, this idea of balancing your past with your present, and secondly, to set it against this current backdrop of dark politics and the increasingly common frustration and helplessness that this generation is feeling.”

“5 Years Time” deems as the laughable check-in to the typical questionnaire if one has their life in order. Playing on this increment of a 5 year mark, ONR’s continued representation of movement, or lack of one, acts as a mirrored epiphany; you are what you push out. Highlighting internal halts and one from a worldly perspective, ONR surfaces the truth of not knowing yet somehow leaves you slightly hopeful due to the track’s clean production.

“5 Years Time” is the latest single off of ONR’s forthcoming EP.


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