Chicago native, NYC-based artist Sky Adler, is an individual who lets his love of cats, girls, and beats be known in the majority of his tracks. On his latest release, Adler revisits dating in NYC and the chase that fuels the initial sparks. Pair that with a smooth delivery and a clean production, “Santa Marie” are all the little thoughts one may hold back.

“I wrote this song two years ago when I first got to NYC and had my first crush on a local. I realized everyone likes to be chased but no one likes to be had. The first person to say ‘I like you’ loses. The chase is fun but not,” explains Adler on his Instagram.

The track misleadingly starts off with a more sentimental haze, as Adler croons, “Do you remember? Of course you do.” As the few seconds of dream pop melts, the tempo shifts gear into the smooth act of spitting game and the unrested thoughts of “do you like me, yes or no?” Childlike compliments, fears, and scenarios are thrown on this hip-hop production, revisiting a moment of bliss through crushing, that is truly ageless.


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