Winter weather is finishing off the year strong! For those cuddle nights enjoy some smooth productions, dreamy vibes, and overall loving tracks that will warm you and your loved one up.

AsoSnug” Chillhop Essentials Winter 2017

Los Angeles producer and multi-instrumentalist, Aso, creates winter love with “Snug.” The delicate arrangement displays each instrumentation’s intimacy and warm feeling that is wrapped within a laid-back demeanor. Comfort takes over as the likes of cracking sounds by a fire and jazz guitar riffs engulf the track’s existence.

TheSecondSexIn A Mood

Sensuality is the first word that comes to mind upon listening to New York-based artist TheSecondSex and his latest single.  The lustful production drips cautiously upon a smooth delivery. Keys shimmer and Dan’s wanting, soft vocals add the last details to embody the longing mood. Aside from being incredibly sexy and pleasant to the ears, what makes this track gorgeously addicting is the slight “bite” in vocals and added guitar crunch that fades the track out.

Soft GlasPerks of Being a Sunflower

Joao, a.k.a., Soft Glas reinvents the other side of the wallflower, or the wallflower’s adoration- the sunflower- as he lovingly sings.  The indie track traces a smooth yet dream-like quality, centered around slight cheesy lines that seen to hide the root of it all within the hook: “I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna, tell her not to grow / But I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna have to see you go.”

Sam GouthroDown For This

San Diego artist and producer pinpoints the feels surrounding a lost lover. The chilled production is graciously accepted with a bright guitar riff and soulful delivery, embracing an alternative R&B structure. Gouthro simply doesn’t rely on his production or insanely catchy hook, but contains a well balance between story and flow. It’s hard to not fall in love with “Down For This.”

Yung HeazyAnytime Of The Year

Vancouver dream-pop artist, Yung Heazy, drizzles lo-fi and bedroom vibes on his Christmas influenced track “Anytime Of The Year.” The skewed and extended notes puts a listener in a trance as Jordan Heaney’s falsetto gives it a warming, indie flavor. While this track also contains an addictive and catchy hook, another reason to praise “Anytime Of The Year” is for its simplistic arrangement.

Colour of SpringLove

Leeds 5-piece, Colour of Spring, had one of the best EP’s this year and fitting to this collection, “Love” needed to be added. This is a heavier dose of shoegaze that becomes amplified with a post-rock sound. While “Love” manages to display the smoother side of things, this track stands out from its use of different elements intertwined by the break and climatic chorus. With simplistic lyrics, an adolescent quality is captured to the track’s final strum.


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