With her debut full length album expected out next month, LA’s underground darling Lauren Ruth Ward continues to pick up speed. A massive social media following and die-hard fan groups around the world are clear evidence of Ward’s expanding reach, built grassroots-style on the back of her powerhouse voice. Anyone who has seen Ward perform live can attest that she is the real deal – a born performer with a gregarious personality both on and off the stage.

As the release of Well, Hell swiftly approaches, we are treated with yet another delicious slice of Ward’s repertoire with “Sideways.” Featuring a simple but catchy chord progression and heavy background vocals from the band, the cheeky track bounces along, slowing down for a contemplative bridge before charging into the final chorus. “Sideways” alludes to the often non-linear path that our lives take: “My disciples only happy when I’m leading / Saying it’s too late to be a crooner / I’m ok with being a late bloomer.” In this particular lyric, Ward shrugs off judgement from those who would doubt her changing path as she pursues her passions. Unapologetic as ever, Ward fills out the chorus with a vocal flourish that functions as an infectious rebel yell.

On the cusp of her anticipated release, Lauren Ruth Ward will be performing a Monday night residency this month at The Echo, leaving no excuse not to lose your LRW virginity if you haven’t already.


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