Porcelain Pale ‘Alma Martyr’

Straying away from a diluted, hazy sound, Porcelain Pale returns with a refreshing single to add to their discography. “Alma…


Carmody ‘The Ways Of Your Love’

Since her solo-debut single, “Skin“, there has been an obsession on this end with the London songstress Carmody. This genuine…


Adrian Underhill ‘Weather’

Adrian Underhill creates a color pop fable that comes to fruition at the sight of growth. The Canadian artist whimsically…


Gibberish ‘Feet Wet’

Echoing a weightless texture of sound, LA-based duo Gibberish gently tread insecure waters with their latest track “Feet Wet.” Taken…


J.W.J. ‘Ways to Go’

The Los Angeles-based artist and producer, Jeremy Jones – better known as J.W.J – grew up surrounded by music, first lending his ability to the viola, violin and finally, singing in…Continue Reading →

Leyya ‘Drumsolo’

Austrian duo, Leyya, expose their eccentric core on their polished track “Drumsolo” while bringing bold, and unrealistic musings to life…