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After moving to the United States in 2010 from Sydney, Australia with a four piece metal band that swiftly dissolved, Matt and Rizz of VOWWS just weren’t ready to go home. Seeking to keep the adventure alive, the duo bounced back and forth between the east and west coast before finally taking their current form and settling into the tightly knit dark music community in Los Angeles. With a desire to make music that inspires them and no strict adherence to a specific genre, VOWWS’ music contains elements of everything from punk, industrial, and horror movie soundtracks to pop and psychedelic rock.

Following up on their 2015 release The Great Sun, VOWWS brings us back into the shadows with their newest single “Forget Your Finery.” The song powers frenetically along, driven by an incessant drum beat and a duet of psychedelically distorted vocals. The unofficial video created by the pair to accompany the song is an artistic collage of black and white visuals, offset with splashes of red. Images include Rizz wearing a dark suit and performing some decidedly Pulp Fiction-esque dance moves, as well as time-lapse footage of nighttime traffic. The audio and the visual come together to create a dark modern art piece of sorts, fit for a midnight exhibit at an obscure gallery.

VOWWS’ upcoming album Under the World is set to be released on Anti-Language Records in February of next year. Tour dates supporting the new album remain yet unannounced, but the surely the wait is almost over.


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