Oregon-born Katrina Cunningham is not your average singer-songwriter. The multitalented performer’s accomplishments span across the NYC art scene, including a role in Broadway’s Paramour: A Cirque du Soleil Musical, a role in NYC’s innovative theater experience Sleep No More, and a part in Refinery29’s interactive art installation, 29 Rooms, where she interpreted the dreams of audience members in song. Not one to do anything halfway, Cunningham has decided to bring her soulful voice to the masses with her newest solo project, going by the moniker Kat Cunning.

A taste of her upcoming debut EP, “Wild Poppies” combines Cunningham’s sultry voice with one of Broadway’s most famous stories. In true theatrical fashion, the song is a modern ode to the musical classic The Wizard of Oz, rife with elements from the tale. Examples include an allusion to the unveiling of the Wizard, “We’re face to face, and I’ll pull the curtain wide / I can see your wizardry,” as well as references to Dorothy’s ruby slippers, the ubiquitous yellow brick road, and the poisonous poppies that put Dorothy to sleep. In her breathy, romantic voice, Cunningham puts a soulful twist on the classic story, as minor chords and strong percussion give a sense of urgency to the track.


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