Oh YouTube

YouTube was thrust in front of the spotlight of public scrutiny after a number of users discovered that the website’s autocompleting search function provides pedophilia-related suggestions in response to otherwise harmless queries.

According to the users’ reports cited by BuzzFeed, typing ‘how to have’ in YouTube’s search bar resulted in options like “how to have s * x with your kids” and “how to have s*x kids”.

This development might’ve been caused by a coordinated campaign by some third party seeking to fill the website with indecent search results, a source familiar with YouTube’s algorithms told the media outlet.

Many people were understandably shocked and confused by this situation, expressing their concern via social media.

​One person also pointed out that the media hype prompted by this development may actually cause search results like ‘how to have s*x with kids’ become more popular on YouTube as people flock to the website to check if the story is true.

​Some Twitter users have also observed that YouTube has apparently removed some of the more obscene search suggestions, although others, like “how to have s * x in school”, still remain.

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