Producer, truck driver, and all around talent, GEO, amazes us once more with his latest single “Flax Pond.” Since the release of his successful neo-soul single “Better“, one would assume GEO would travel down a similar path. Surprisingly, the Los Angeles producer keeps his name fresh with a less “loving” vibe, while showcasing to the world his crisp arrangements that make him an artist and producer to add to your radar.

Speaking through beats, GEO’s structure and arrangements are precise and clean. “Flax Pond” stumbles across a scattered mind, delicate and distorted, with vintage lyrical samples – “You want to be as sure as you can” – that offer an insight to the track’s anxious core. The track’s keys are stern and add a fuller sound to “Flax Pond” while the track’s span as a whole is where the real magic occurs. GEO creates more than electronic waves but textured moments and feelings that have us anticipating the next release.


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