Dive deep into the sound waves of surf garage rock that this dynamic Leeds based band provides for us. Party Hardly, four energizing individuals, share their newest song “Living In Moths” which is clever tune both self-produced and recorded ahead of their release debut EP that will be out beginning next year. This song gives you the feeling of rebelliously wanting to oppose the mainstream media all while making you want to get up and dance! When asked to describe their unique sound the band claimed people have said, “Blur meets surf-y rock with a bit of Beach Boys shoved up its arse”-  which is a perfect description and must add that they also sound very indie rock.

According to Tom, “’Living In Moths’ is a lament to the constant bombardery of depressing and fake news that is often and always will be recited by news programs on the television and the radio. Tabloid newspapers like The Sun often write satirical articles that mock the weakness of people and the less privileged…We’ve never set out to write strictly political songs, as we all know it’s been done many times before, however I feel that’s besides the point especially now a days, I feel that more than ever young people are expressing their voice in a much more politically active way.”

Party Hardly also claims to have taken less musical and lyrical inspiration from other artists, and instead just drawn influences from what is happening in the “now.” If a situation affects them or they want to speak up about something, they will write about it. “Living in Moths” is a tune unlike the previous songs these guys have written, and according to them, is as political as they have ever gotten as a band. Knowing that they only first started recording music in 2016 makes me real hopeful that there are still talented artists striving for the recognition they truly deserve.

Stream “Living in Moths” on GUM or your favorite platform, and join us as we patiently wait for the arrival of the debut EP.


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