Austrian duo, Leyya, expose their eccentric core on their polished track “Drumsolo” while bringing bold, and unrealistic musings to life through All Most Famous‘s direction. The track’s precision that stemmed from a “silly idea” of merely revolving around a drumsolo-based track to counter the repetitious tunes on the radio, soon grew into an indie-tronic song with the right amount of funk.


Marco explains on the band’s blog, “We recorded a 2 bar drum solo which unintentionally gave the rhythmic foundation of the whole track. After laughing about the fact that we just recorded a drum solo I had this bassline in my head, emulating the drum fill – that’s why the bass is so f*cking chaotic, but very funky at the same time.”

Being an intense and well-constructed assortment of sounds, “Drumsolo” and its quirky behavior sees a bigger light upon the video. A futuristic blend of obscurity dives into unfinished thoughts on a pastel pallet. Through an ambient fog of cool, vocal melodies, the video distracts the somber lyrics: “Oh my my / You think of me as a lover / You’re too close / I don’t think we should take it further / oh my love.”

Fresh, cool, and creatively catchy, Leyya’s “Drumsolo” is built on a sharp foundation that will easily welcome their album, Sauna, next year, January 26th through +1 Records (US and North America) and LasVegas Records (ROW).


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