He just wanted a belly rub.

A group of salvage divers was exploring the ocean floor in South Africa, when one of the men came extremely close to having his head bitten off by a huge great white shark. The unexpected visit paid by the sea predator was captured on camera and recently shared online.

In the video, the great white seemingly appears out of nowhere behind the unsuspecting scuba diver and bares its teeth as if preparing to attack him. But at the last moment, the monster turns to the side. As the diver barely manages to shrink his head in the shoulders, the shark bumps him on the head.

Many internet users were left puzzled, as they couldn’t explain why the shark had changed its mind and didn’t attack the guy. Some commentators admitted the fish didn’t pose any threat to the man, as its “body language wasn’t in attack mode — that’s when his back is arched and pectoral fins are down.” “Big fella just wanted a belly rub,” another netizen wrote. However, several people doubted the video’s authenticity.


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