Tell us, is this a real thing?

Scientists from the University of New England found that 3-6 percent of the population have problems curbing their sexual desire.

Their level of sexual activity may vary, but all of them struggle to control their sexual behavior, what often causes lots of suffering and leads to emotional disorders, Michael Walton, one of the university’s researchers argued.

“One of my case studies was married but involved in swinging with their husband,” the researcher said, as quoted by “They would sleep with multiple people, up to 20 in a weekend, and that person is mostly OK, there may just occasionally be some unease or fatigue. Then you’ve got someone else who’s watching quite a lot of porn and masturbating. You’ve got someone whose output is way above someone who’s feeling distressed,” he continued.

Sexual addiction not always implies a certain amount of sex or masturbation — it’s about whether his or her behavior makes the person anxious, causing serious discomfort, according to the analyst.

For instance, in one of the new studies a young man experienced up to 50 orgasms a day when he was 15.

His hypersexualitity totally exhausted him, caused emotional problems and resulted in severe clinical depression.

“Porn is like cocaine,” the young man, now 19, said. “I feel addicted and I can’t stop.”

Scientists still have different stances toward whether sexual addiction should be considered a clinical disorder.

Some of them view it as a symptom of a personality disorder that might be associated with other similar conditions, such as drug or alcohol addiction.

Moreover, scientists argue, that the aspiration to get pleasure at all costs might lead not only to psychological problems, but also to physical traumas of genital organs.

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