October babies, Britt Warner and Jordan Waré, team up as the musical musings of October’s Child with their melodic first single “Orion.” Their first taste of sounds offers the sense of a mutual meshing of talent- those of Warner’s angelic vocals and words guided by Waré’s sincere production.

Following the death of Warner’s father, the skeleton of “Orion” began to form around this tragic moment and absence Warner felt during “his” holiday, Thanksgiving.

“The lyrics wrote themselves”, says Warner, “I’d fallen for someone who, due to life’s circumstances, was unattainable, but there was this undeniable, torturous mutual spark. Orion is that person you click with immediately but are forever after left to wonder what might have been, if only….”

The heaviness is felt throughout the track’s life but offers more than merely an ache; a small amount of peace that always surrenders after pain. “Orion” contains a gorgeous impending lull that reaches inwards with a delicate instrumentation all taken into fruition by Warner’s longing heart. Waré adds moments of a weightless exterior through an orchestral production, not merely designing around Warner’s lyrics, but creating alongside for a fuller experience.

Wrapped with an ironic melancholy optimism, “Orion” is a cinematic electronic ballad that expands on an emotive center and offers a promising future for the duo.

“Orion” is the first single from October’s Child debut album “As You Go”  set to be released soon.


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