House, disco, funk, techno, dance and repeat. Pairing these genres along with good company, it’s no wonder nights out in Madrid sometimes go until 7 am. The closing songs get the crowds rallying until dawn, waiting for the metro to open, rewarding the nocturnal creatures with some much needed rest. After witnessing several legendary sets, label-oriented nights, and B2Bs, I round off my top picks for Madrid’s current electronic music scene. Each of these producers and DJs brings something fresh to the table, not only representing their music, but embodying the collective behind them. As I highlight some of my favorite acts, I wrap up my semester abroad with a whole new understanding and appreciation for Madrid’s tastemakers and musicians.

Easy Kid


Similar to the acts like Gold Panda, Easy Kid combines all sorts of dark and light elements in their work evident in their most recent LP “Lenai”. The electronic duo is also a part of Madrid based label Depaart, who have been putting on events at locations like GOYA and Ballesta. 

A standout song, “Everyone” samples a soft distant guitar and piano contrasting with house type beats, once again showing their wide range for all sorts of sounds.


A favorite of FINE. Club Kostrok never fails to deliver. The Valencia native recently brought the jams to Ballesta club where he was posted for a set going all night long. Kostrok’s sets are energetic, bringing all kinds of infectious house and funk. The producer hasn’t released music in some time, but I look forward to seeing what he does next.



When you see a recurring name on a residency’s roster, there’s gotta be some hype around the act. Madrid based producer and essential ROOTS member Decause brings the freshest cuts of deep electronica. ROOTS is inarguably one of the best nights to attend GOYA, where the discrete looking club on the outside opens up into an intimate space with an incredible sound system. Decause also forms part of DK-M Records, a small label based in Madrid. His latest release is a snippet of a deep house track, showcasing his refined ability for vocal sampling and dark production.


Leading in with wobbling synths, Favsto brings us “The National Anthem of Absolutely Nowhere”. Contrary to the name of the song, the track does in fact take you somewhere. Slowly building layers upon layers of ambience, the 8 minute song creates an extensive atmosphere for the listener. The self-proclaimed “digital artist” adds an experimental element to Madrid’s electronic music scene and is also another essential member to FINE. Club.



Dubbed as “dreamy and nostalgic”, JAI’s organic approach to house music hooks the listener from the very first beat, taking you on a sonic journey. The spanish electronic musician also makes up a part of QTZCLTL (Quetzalcoatl) a transatlantic collective that pans from Europe to South America. His latest release, “Illusions” brings all sorts of experimental elements to the mix, contributing a fresh sound to Madrid’s emerging electronic music scene.


Tastemaker and versatile DJ, Savino is a significant force within Madrid´s music scene. Responsible for collectives like El Drop and emerging events like RARO. Savino brings a wide array of genres to his DJ sets. A recent set highlights his keen ear for deep house and old school tech tracks. Having performed sets at Goya, Fabrik, and more, the emerging DJ is proving to be one of Madrid’s key players.


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