Los Angeles native, Zoe Nash, lavishly walks in the comfort of her skin on her commendable debut “Rather Die.” The electronically built track finds Nash’s husky croon complimenting flourishing chimes and a textured, fun filled arrangement, ultimately becoming a striking  audible pair. In and out of continuing music, Nash discloses that many elements – a bad breakup, death of her grandmother – ultimately pushed her to continue down this path. “I kept thinking, ‘All you want to do is sing, so why don’t you?’ I think a lot of people get stuck on what they think they’re supposed to do or not supposed to do, but at some point I just said ‘Fuck it.’”

Nash’s raspy vocals take center stage immediately, as a lead within the modern-electronic era straying away from angelic vocals. This assertive rumble that naturally flows from Nash is absolutely refreshing, who herself did not appreciate it for years. “My voice is something I hid for a long time because I was so shy,” she says. “When I was younger I’d wait until everyone left the house so I could sing and no one would hear me. It really never occurred to me that I could overcome the shyness to the point of actually letting other people hear me.”

Despite the track’s upbeat momentum, “Rather Die” takes a heavier approach as the song progresses with Nash’s assertive lines, “I will never swallow pride”, touching on worldly current affairs. Bringing the introduction to life, Nash’s video takes a D.I.Y approach, further adding to the artist’s free-willed structure. Replicating a Karaoke scene, joyous praises of  “I’d rather die than be like you” fills each shot with Nash’s ideals and instantly becomes an anthem for the end of 2017.

“’Rather Die’ was written in response to all of the hate and ignorance that has been given such a powerful platform,” says Nash. “It came from thinking about everyone, especially kids, affected by all of this hate, and how they’re being told that they shouldn’t be who they really are—that who they are is worthless. The song is my way of telling them, despite and in spite of it all, ‘You gotta do you—nothing will kill [it] faster.’

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