Carved from a home movie set on repeat, Grace Carter‘s “Ashes” stirs up the lost embers once desperately tried to remove. Produced by Mike Dean, the track is alive with hurt and contemplation, keying the lingering synths and prominent scribbles of a modern electronic-percussion. Fine-tuned to a cool shade of soulful-pop, Carter’s vulnerability is displayed in the array of single shots of the Brighton artist.

Emerging from the remains easily becomes the track’s strongest point — the break. Isolating Carter’s soulful and pop notes, we see an introspective realm of reality, taught in the song but learned in the video. Taking a simple and abstract direction, tracing Carter’s shadow against colored lights, this is where we feel the weight of the track. Musically, it’s a montage of living in the now. An echo of encouragement that comes as a whisper at the end of a sermon. Ultimately, ending with threads of a different beat that can easily sew the next chapter, “Ashes” and its lingering thoughts simply become a soundtrack of finding peace.


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