Raised by Dinosaurs the self-made South American trio based in San Francisco released their first EP Night Terrors. The sensational, dreamy, and 80s-resembling beats these tracks provide us, create an iconic and surly hard-to-miss sound. Raised by Dinosaurs will make you want to fall in love, senselessly dance around, all while leaving you to ponder upon your own existence. Their surprisingly “real” lyrics provoke you to contemplate life issues, while blissfully comforting you with their upbeat melodies. The band is made up of collaborating artists, Henrique St.Clair (guitarist), lead vocalist and songwriter Marcello Manso, and Sol Diaz who literally electrifies the band and with every song ties the group together. When listening to “Human“, a featured track off Night Terrors, there is a definite distinct drumming. As the rhythm progresses it seems to perfectly align and soothingly become in sync with the lyrics: “We are so fragile and broken/ looking to the sky/ Feeling dead inside/ Falling/ Our aim is high to keep the void aside/ Breaking down the walls/ To free our hearts/ We’re human”

Human truly has an existential twist on music that guides you to appreciate the track over anything else blankly playing on the radio today. Raised by Dinosaurs explains, “Humans exists to ponder the ‘everyday fear of being irrelevant.’ It is a tragically upbeat exploration of a wiser yet more jaded persona that evolves as youth and vitality begin to fade.”

Along with the great music Raised by Dinosaurs creates, we all can greatly relate to the dreading reality of conflicts, anxieties about meaninglessness, along with other fears we may inevitably encounter in life.

You can stream Human here


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