Tropical, light, and refreshing. Just a few words to describe LA’s The Colour Coast — Marley Otto, Kevin Martin, Frank Tobias, Juan Pablo Grado, and Theron Lynott — and their latest single “Meet Me in the Morning.” Hailing from Canada, Argentina, El Salvador, Miami, Minnesota, and of course Los Angeles, the collective’s cultural influences easily seep throughout their sound.

Previous singles have showcased their self-proclaimed “indie-disco rock” vibes, easily heard on the charming track “Walls“, which melts the ears thanks to frontwoman Marley Otto’s honey toned vocals. As to date with only three singles under their belt, The Colour Coast have cleverly displayed different aspects of their identity while still holding root to this rhythmic and tropical wave that seems to come naturally.

Yet, as the band anticipates the release of their first EP, Rosado, “Meet Me in the Morning” and its light-hearted demeanor seems to be the missing piece that adds The Colour Coast as a fresh new act to keep on your radar for 2018. Filled with indie structures, a weightless, pop chorus, and a riveting bass line, “Meet Me in the Morning” is the tune that cradles you with hope on your commute.

To celebrate the debut of Rosado, Otto has curated a night of all female-fronted bands on January 26th at The Satellite. Featuring Kaitlyn Olson, Two Lips, Livingmore, and DJ sets by Play Like A Girl, The Colour Coast’s unveiling foreshadows a prosperous start.


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