Vulnerability takes different routes: Expose yourself and come across being small or be commended for your honesty. On Highland Kites’ latest single “I Didn’t Belong,” it’s neither of these options, but a continued portrayal of strength that was heard on the LA band’s 2017 EP, I’m Not Weak. Marissa Lamar and Neil Briggs return with a stronger musical angst that truly shines sweetly against the indie musings as the band refines their sound.

Photo: Diana Mantis

Lamar’s bare skin is prominent this time around, setting the scene with a more direct approach lyrically: “I gave you everything / You chewed me up and spit me out / like wretched poison in your mouth, / it feels unfair but I can’t be angry now.” As the haze and dream-pop influences begin to rise with Lamar’s low, yet sharp tone, the track’s layers come in full form.

Keys slowly stroll in by the break and crosses paths with a rattling snare that clinches the emotions and confessional stance. It closes with the underlying electronic pattern that opened and sits gently in deep thought. Songwriting by Highland Kites somehow always leaves a lasting taste of wonder regardless of any bittersweet aroma that may trickle down. As always, introspective writing becomes the band’s best asset and one of the many reasons Highland Kites reaches listeners.


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