LA’s dream-pop duo,  Twin Oaks (Lauren Brown and Aaron Domingo), return this year with a breathtakingly, gorgeous composition of lost thoughts on their latest EP, Living Rooms. The 5-track collection is said to be “sparse live session recordings completed in various open spaces using minimal equipment”, featuring a quiet session of “Collapse” from the previous EP, and 4 new tracks.

Centered around a detachment of feelings — external and internal — Living Rooms tread on a darker, dream-pop sound. Carefully walking around the feeling of intimacy that emerges from the bedroom, loose and separate threads are now placed in the living room–scattered and for all to see that truly rises from the track “Rumors.”

There’s a vast amount of imagery that is painted through the lo-fi hush and few selected guitar plucks, specifically heard on “Distance Between” and “The River.” Twin Oaks’ moodier outlook comes across as a little bit more isolated than previously heard which definitely stirs up the unresolved that is reflected through the simplicity of the album.

Going through the motions, the title themselves seems to be various time stamps or stages of “dealing.” Clinching the idea as complete, “Felt Like Dying” is the strongest track that leaves a haunting residue. The build to this track allows for a greater appreciation of Living Rooms as a whole, especially as Brown’s weightless vocals push out “Losing you felt like dying.”

The natural cohesiveness that Twin Oaks weaves on this album is simply beautiful and so far a personal favorite for 2018.


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