Toronto producer, Natalie, a.k.a. LuxGaze, takes pieces from shoegaze and chill-hop in her construction of sounds that tames the senses through her electronic pulse. With three singles under her belt and a forthcoming album entitled Dreamer on the horizon, LuxGaze’s modern approach of production echos towards the evolution of a heavier live-instrument production base for 2018. Hints at this were heard on an earlier single, “Retrograde,” that brought bites of a screeching guitar to life through an easy going vibe.

Courtesy of LuxGaze

Continuing this down-tempo aesthetic, the latest single “Pretty Eyes” takes this hinted evolution to a relaxed state of mind. Simple and drawn out percussion beats lays the foundation for these subtle reveals of sounds. The track grows in sound and strength as an exaggerated, melodic rip-chord takes lead. Meshing these two elements together will easily put a listener in a trance of diluted happiness, only refueling after multiple listens.


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